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Business Card Design: Chick with a Camera (Video)

When it comes to design, there is a saying that “less is more”. This not only applies to graphic design but areas such as architectural design, automotive design and other industries.

In my last posting I stated “the importance of a business card is to get people interested in your business / services, to attract their attention and keep“. This is exactly what was needed for new photographer Jennifer Horton from ‘Chick with a Camera’.

In an industry full of local competition, both amateur and professional, it was of the utmost importance to ensure Jennifer stood out. To do this she needed to have not only a logo that allowed her to stand apart from others, but a piece of branded material that could be handed to people and have them remember her. This was accomplished with a business card that would captivate any potential client.

Not just any business card was needed, but one that was simple, clean and had a “WOW factor”. This “WOW factor” was achieved with a 14pt card stock, rounded corners, as well as a varnish on the front covering just the camera lens and typography.
To see the varnish in action, check out the video below.

Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i

business card cwac logo

business card varnish

business card angle 1

business card angle 2

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