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Icon Design : TaskTime 4

When I started freelancing, I looked at nearly a dozen programs that did time tracking and billing, but at that time there wasn’t much out that was of decent quality and reasonable pricing. Most of the good programs cost upwards of $80-$100, and at that time I just couldn’t afford them.

When I discovered TaskTime, a time tracking application for the Mac, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. An amazing little app that let me get started right away, and worry about the details later. Simple, straightforward and easy to use, this program is now open as much and Photoshop or Illustrator.

Last summer I had discussed with Terry, the programmer, about developing a new icon for the application. The initial idea was to keep with the original frame colour, but darken the face of the clock, as well as adjusting the hands for a better balance. (See the original icon further down.)

tasktime icon development

Once I assessed the icons at a reduced sized, I discovered they did not have the same impact as the larger versions. Thus the face of the icon was switched to a lighter colour of grey, and the hands remained dark.

tasktime before and after

Two version of icon were created, a large version to be used for 32×32 up to 256×256 and a small version for use at 24×24 and under. The original file was then handed off to Terry for use in future development of the program.

tasktime dock icon

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  1. Kat says:

    I love what you did with the icon. The stylistic changes make the icon look a lot more professional. I have to admit a preference for the far right icon though with the darker gray and more importantly the tickmarks for 3, 6, and 9 but that may be my bias towards clocks that have that style more than the icon itself and I haven’t seen the two icons side by side in the smaller size.

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