psd to xhtml css video

PSD to XHTML & CSS Video

There are many steps involved when is comes to designing a website. The development of the site’s structure in Photoshop is one of the very first and consumes many hours to ensure the look is just right. However what many people don’t understand is that it can not be uploaded right away, the next step is to convert the PSD (Photoshop file) into a standards compliant XHTML & CSS files.

The conversion of a PSD to XHTML & CSS can be a very mysterious processes and the majority of people don’t know what is involved. So I decided to screen capture the entire development time for one of my clients static website so everyone can have a better understanding of what is done.
(See the 7:10 min video below the screen captures)

psd xhtml dreamweaver

psd xhtml cross browser check

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