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Two months with an iPad

Back in April I had received my iPad, a purchase made site unseen, and after two months of constant use, it has changed the way I run my small business, forever.

After months of craving for an iPod Touch, the iPhone has no coverage where I live, I knew instantly, while watching the announcement, this was going to allow me to do more outside of my office, without hauling a laptop. I don’t play a lot of games on it, nor am I writing lengthly reports on it. Although typing on it is very simple and easy, plus I send most of my emails from it. However… I am able to go to a meeting with a potential, or existing, client and do several things that I have never done before.

The first thing I can do is digitally record our entire conversation. Thanks to a handy app called “Voice Memos“. Being able to record my meetings and play them back at anytime allows me to go over exactly what a client said and have a better understand of what they are needing. This reviewing process is extremely beneficial because I know what designs a client liked as well. This brings me to number two.

ipad voice memos

Being able to have my entire portfolio with me at all times is a blessing, and with the iPad’s screen size, it’s far superior than that of an iPod Touch or iPhone. With an iPod Touch or iPhone I would never be able to fully show off a particular design, whether it’s a logo, website or brochure, the screen is just to small. The iPad’s 10 inch screen lets my clients amerce themselves in the designs using the standard Photos app. They can zoom in on a particular detail, or zoom out to see the full thing, flip through designs as fast or as slow as they want. An experience they are fully in control of.

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When a meeting is done, I can add a persons information into the Contacts app so there is no worry of loosing their business card. I still take a business card, mainly because those can be small pieces of art themselves. Also with the Contact app I can append a note about the client. This is great when I’m trying to remember how to get their office.

The last app that helps me, both in business and my personal life, is the Calendar app. With syncing between my MacPro, MacBook Pro and iPad I never loose track of what I’m suppose to be doing. If I’m out of my office, and have forgotten about a scheduled meeting, the iPad notifies me so I can get to where I need to be on time.

ipad calendar

There are a couple other apps I’m looking at to help my small business, apps such as Squareup and several other billing apps, but I will cover those sometime in the future. If you’ve been on the fence about the iPad, I would highly recommend looking at it much closer.
Most of the people I know who had negative thoughts about the iPad without using it, quickly changed once they tried mine.

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