wine bottle laser etching

Wine Bottle Laser Etching

So this one is a bit late, and far overdue, however I was only finally able to get video to transfer from the camera to the computer. No thanks to Sony. Seriously… Who doesn’t make drivers for OS X these days?

Last year one of my friends got married and I wanted to give them a truly personalized gift. I discovered a few months before a small shop had bought a laser etching machine, so I approached them about laser etching a wine bottle.

Essentially this was an experiment, since they had never done a bottle before. I prepped my design, sent it in and the shop gave it one quick run through on a spare bottle. Everything turned out fine so we proceeded with one of my wine bottles. Below is the video I was able to capture of laser etching mixed with footage from the reception.

wine bottle laser etching progress

wine bottle laser etching finished

If the video above doesn’t load, click here to see the Wine Bottle Laser Etching.

2 Responses to “Wine Bottle Laser Etching”

  1. Omar Lord says:


    i wanted to know where your located so i can get bottles done

    Best Regards

  2. Gibbous says:

    I am located in Canada, however I don’t believe shipping wine bottles through the mail is a wise idea. When this was etched the bottle was empty for that “just in case” scenario.

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